drawing with biro

The schools I went to only allowed ink fountain pens, the result was when I could use a Biro, I loved them. Drawing with a Biro is good for sketching to relax, it’s a loose style that encourages a soft line approach and then a building up of thicker lines to create a nice effect. […]

Block printing

One of the most home studio friendly methods of printing, litho printing. Slowly building up the bits of equipment needed, but enjoying all the stages of discovery in the mean time.

Pick Me Up festival

This years Pick Me Up was held at Somerset House again. The part exhibition, part fair has an excellent, if a little too crowded atmosphere. The different styles and varied production methods are truly inspiring. Our attention in the exhibition area was particularly caught by pieces by Jennifer Argo and Laura Jouan. Although I didn’t […]

Responsive day out 2

Last Friday I went to the responsive day out 2 in Brighton, the weather was as brilliant as the talkers, a real eye opener as well as enjoyably reassuring. One if the most essential things I will take away from the day is that web design is ever evolving and as predictable as it is […]


After almost 10 years on the waiting list, I got a half measure of allotment. There is a ton of work to do, my favourite part of gardening; turning back time on a jungle. Save