Sweet Chariot tours website

Ian at Sweet Chariot approached me about amalgamating three existing sites into one and bringing on board another new business offering, all into one new site. I started looking at their branding and over time we moved towards keeping the existing name, but avoiding any rugby reference in the logo, simple was best. The existing sites all offered sports tours, but for different types of groups, the schools tours websites being very complex and crammed with pages and pages of content and the two different adult tour sites being very limited in information, the new offering was culture and education tours.

Over a series of workshops, wireframes and content sifting I created a clearer idea of content for the site, sourcing imagery was also another complex task because of the need to gain genuine, but agreed imagery for the school ages. With such a large site, catering to so many and with little budget for testing, whilst design mattered greatly, the user journey and user experience was key. A few years on and the client is still reporting how well the site is performing and how it also helped them gain a sense of pride and unity as a company. This project really tested my skills and pushed me as a designer, it was such a delight to see it through to the end.